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36th Caribbean Union of Teachers Conference

Date: Tuesday Oct 01, 2013

Report of the 36th C.U.T Conference


The St. Lucia Teachers’ Union delegates to the 36th Biennial Conference of the Caribbean Union of Teachers (C.U.T) returned to the island on August 11th, 2013. The conference, which had as its theme “Improving the Professional Status of the Caribbean Teacher” took place in Georgetown, Guyana August 4 – 9, 2013.


Among some of the decisions taken by the Conference were:

  1. Mandating all C.U.T Units to develop and implement an action plan to address the issue of violence against women in society.
  2. To seek compensation for teachers marking the SBA component of CXC
  3. That the Member Units work with respective Ministries of Education to address the issue of violence against teachers.

The conference received presentations by Dr. Morella Joseph on the development of Teaching Councils in the Region and Dr. Didacus Jules on matters related to CXC.


At the end of the conference an executive for the Biennium 2013 – 2015 was elected with President of the St. Lucia Teachers’ Union being elected 2nd Vice President.

Also, the first meeting of the Executive of the C.U.T for the Biennium selected St. Lucia to host the secretariat and appointed Mrs. Virginia Albert – Poyotte as General Secretary.

The Officers for the Biennium 2013 – 2015 are:

Mr. Marvin Andall                             (Grenada)           President

Mrs. Celia Nicholas                          (Dominica)          1st Vice President

Mr. Julian Monrose                           (St. Lucia)            2nd Vice President

Mrs. Vernest Mack                            (Antigua)             3rd Vice President

Mr. Richmark Cave                           (Barbados)          Trustee

Mr. Micheal Stewart                          (Jamaica)             Trustee

Mrs. Virginia Albert-Poyotte             (St. Lucia)            General Secretary

Mrs Judith Spencer-Jarrett              (Jamaica)             Deputy General Secretary

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