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CUT 35th Biennial Conference (Barbados)

Date: Wednesday Sep 07, 2011

CUT 35th Biennial Conference

Delegates and camp followers of the St. Lucia Teachers’ Union returned to the island having attended the 35th Biennial Conference of the Caribbean Union of Teachers (C.U.T) which took place August 6 – 13, 2011 in Barbados.
The theme for the conference was “Caribbean Teachers: Pillars of Caribbean Unity.” This theme reflected the commitment of the C.U.T to the realization of full Caribbean Unity.
During the conference delegates received reports from officers and various units and adopted policies and programmes for the next biennium. The conference specifically discussed and adopted positions on Public Education in Haiti, the need for governments of the region to formalize Early Childhood Education, the Caribbean Primary School Exit Examinations, Teaching Councils, Indiscipline in Schools, ICT in Education, the Global Financial Crisis and its impact on teachers in the region, Natural Disasters and C.U.T’s preparedness to respond to them, Gender Equality and other gender related issues.
The C.U.T confirmed that the 14th Biennial Under 15 Track and Field Championships will be held in the Bahamas in July 2012. The C.U.T Track and Field Championships which started in 1986 provides an avenue for students 8 – 15 years to gain exposure in regional Track and Field competition. These Championships have been a breeding ground for some of the Caribbean 's most outstanding Track and Field athletes. The C.U.T Track and Field Championships is funded by member units of the Caribbean Union of Teachers.
The conference also held election of officers for the upcoming biennium. Mr. Julian Monrose, President of the St. Lucia Teachers’ Union was elected 3rd Vice President of the C.U.T. The full executive of the C.U.T for 2011 – 2013 is:
                President            –            Marvin Andall    –             Grenada
                1st Vice President -          Karen Best         -              Barbados
                2nd Vice President-          Celia Nicholas    -              Dominica
                3rd Vice President-           Julian Monrose -              St. Lucia
                Trustees              -              Vernest Mark    -              Antigua
                                                                Michael Stewart               Jamaica
At the first meeting of the executive committee of the C.U.T held immediately after the conference, the executive confirmed that the secretariat of the C.U.T will remain in Jamaica and appointed Dr. Adolph Cameron as General Secretary and Mrs. Judith Spencer – Jarrett as Deputy General Secretary. Mr. John Estephane and Mr. Don Howell of the St. Lucia Teachers’ Union were appointed to serve on C.U.T’s Sports and Publications Committees respectively.

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