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HIV / AIDS Workshop for Health and Family Life Teachers

Date: Thursday Mar 18, 2010

The St. Lucia Teachers' Union HIV / AIDS Education committee is hosting a workshop for Health and Family Life Teachers at the Palm Haven Hotel. This committee has been actively involved in educating teachers around St. Lucia about the impact that HIV / AIDS can have on the education system in St. Lucia. Many workshops and seminars have been organized by this committee to equip teachers with the skills to handle HIV / AIDS education in schools.

Tis current workshop with Health and Family Life Teachers will focus on many topics namely:

  • Socio - economic impact of HIV / AIDS situation in St. Lucia (Presenter: Dr. King)
  • Consequences of Gender Inequalities and Overcoming Them (Presenter: Ms. Sharon Persad)
  • Examining Risky Behaviour and Making Health Decisions (Presenter: J. Ferdinand)
  • Rights of a child (Presenter: Mr. Leevie Herelle)
  • Eliminating Stigma and Discrimination (Presenter: Mrs. Lea St. Helen Phulgence)
  • Action plan for implementation of programme; monitoring and evaluation (Mrs. Dyer)

This workshop runs from Thursday 18th March 2010 to Friday 19th March 2010.

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