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Scholarship Recipient

The St. Lucia Teachers' Union in partnership with Lynchburg College is pleased to announce the scholarship recipient in the person of Bienca St. Marie. [Read the full story ]
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Scholarship Recipient

Date: Saturday Apr 02, 2016

Bienca St. Marie is a 26 year old resident of Morne Cayenne, Vieux-Fort and currently teaches at the Lady Gordon Opportunity Center. St. Marie, who became a member of the St. Lucia Teachers’ Union while on Teaching Practice, was honoured to have been selected from a pool of deserving applicants.

Bienca St. Marie says that this scholarship came at an opportune time when she had applied to study at Lynchburg College and was in the process of seeking financial assistance from the commercial banks that was not forthcoming.

As an awardee of this scholarship St. Marie expresses her deepest gratitude to the SLTU and Lynchburg College. She advises young teachers who are entering the profession to become members of the union. According to her, there are many benefits to be derived from being a member besides salary negotiations. She further states that policies and practices in education are changing every day and the little things we do in the school may be used wrongly against us and we may need the representation of the union.

Making this scholarship a possibility for this novice teacher is just one of the many responsibilities that the SLTU accepts in an effort to contribute to the professional development of teachers.

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