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Scholarship Recipient

The St. Lucia Teachers' Union in partnership with Lynchburg College is pleased to announce the scholarship recipient in the person of Bienca St. Marie. [Read the full story ]
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SLTU General Secretary's Update

Date: Tuesday Mar 04, 2014

On behalf of the Executive and General Council of the St. Lucia Teachers’ Union (SLTU) I wish all members a Happy New Year. I also wish you God’s blessings and success in all your endeavours.


In 2013, the SLTU remained very active. There were numerous challenges and successes. The success of the organization must be celebrated while at the same time, we must remain steadfast as a union to overcome our challenges.


One of the major achievements of the SLTU is to ensure that our female members are not deprived of their stipulated Vacation Leave because it coincides with their Maternity Leave. Thus, whatever part of a teachers Vacation Leave that is impacted upon by Maternity Leave then that teacher will still be entitled to all the time allotted for their vacation.


The SLTU was instrumental in ensuring that the necessary administrative mechanisms are put in place by the Ministry of Education for the implementation of Sabbatical Leave. At present, the matter has been sent to cabinet. The SLTU is awaiting feedback from cabinet on the matter.


The union continues to advocate for the plight of our temporary teachers. In consultation with the Ministry of Education, the SLTU was successful in securing payments for the last week of August for temporary teachers who were enrolled in Diploma in Education at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. Those teachers received that payment in the month of December 2013.


The climate at many schools is a source of concern for the SLTU. On many occasions the SLTU has had to intervene in conflicts between teachers and the administration of a number of schools. Members, this does not augur well for education. As educators we are expected to manage conflicts in a manner that would not be detrimental to the advancement of the school or that will not diminish our professionalism. Therefore, I encourage members to continue to maintain their professional standards. As responsible partners in the education sector, the SLTU will continue to dialogue with the Ministry of Education on this matter.


Our members at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC) also have their struggles. The faculty of the SALCC have demonstrated their steadfast support for the union through resilience and togetherness. The SLTU has had to meet with the management of the college and subsequently the Board of Governors of the college to resolve matters affecting faculty. The SLTU is continuing to monitor the situation at the SALCC.


The year ended on a sad note for many of our members who suffered damages from a trough which affected St. Lucia on Christmas Eve. The SLTU has already put mechanisms in place to make a thorough assessment of the effect of the trough on our members. The SLTU has already reached out to a number of affected members by providing them with some assistance. The SLTU was able to render such assistance because the SLTU in its wisdom set up a Disaster Fund designed specifically to provide assistance to members who are affected by disaster. One Dollar from members’ monthly subscription goes towards the Disaster Fund. We wish all affected members well in their recovery efforts and they will always remain in our prayers.


2014 is expected to be another active year for the SLTU. Much focus will be placed on professional development and capacity building for the union. SLTU will continue to work with its partners locally, regionally and internationally to bring benefits for the members. The SLTU will also be issuing new identification cards to members very soon. The election commission of the union has already been activated. More information from the commission will be disseminated to members shortly.


On August 9, 2014 the SLTU will be celebrating its Eightieth Anniversary as a registered trade union. This is a major achievement for the organization. As we prepare for this celebration it would be prudent for all of us as an organization to engage in some introspection. In doing so we would be better able to appreciation the strides the union has made over the years and we would be better equipped to help forge the way forward for the union.


These are challenging times and it requires the SLTU to remain vigilant and to be proactive in performing its fundamental role as a trade union. Hence, the support and participation of members is important. I ask that you remain active members of the SLTU. It is within the union that we are able to achieve.


May God continue to bless you. Long Live the SLTU!!!


Yours in the Struggle



Don C. Howell

General Secretary


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