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SLTU General Secretary's Update

Date: Tuesday Mar 04, 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters of SLTU,

As your General Secretary, once again, it is my pleasure to pen a few words to you. 

The St. Lucia Teachers’ Union (SLTU) is aware that you have been tirelessly working to ensure the education of our students and safeguarding our country’s future. It is for this reason that your Union remains resolute in representing you at all levels and ensuring that the fundamental principles of teacher trade unionism are not lost especially during these trying times. I assure you, that the SLTU is aware of the many challenges within our education system, and it continues to steadfastly engage in initiatives to ensure that programs are developed and maintained to support all members and to defend the integrity of the education system by extension. To this end, our Union continues to collaborate with all stakeholders, particularly the Ministry of Education.

The SLTU continues to dialogue with the Ministry to seek to ensure the smooth running of the system. We have recently placed some new concerns before the Ministry on issues of school security and the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. Health and safety in schools remain a top priority for your Union.

I urge you to continue to support your Union, inform the Executive of developments at your schools and districts and to participate in Union activities.  

Long Live the SLTU!!

Yours in the struggle,

Chantal Peter

General Secretary


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