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SLTU Members Deliberate of Negotiations

Date: Monday Mar 25, 2013

The SLTU completed negotiations for the triennium 2010 to 2013. This negotiation was a challenging one for the SLTU. Nevertheless, the SLTU remained firm in its resolve to bring maximum benefit to its members. The SLTU negotiates conditions of work for its members separately and salaries under the umbrella of the St. Lucia Trade Union Federation.

For conditions of work the SLTU was able to include three new clauses in the collective agreement. Those clauses are: Adoption Leave, Career Paths for teachers and Teacher Material Allowance. This is an historic achievement for the SLTU as this is the first time that teachers in St. Lucia will receive an allowance.

The SLTU was also able to secure a 4% salary increase for its members for the triennium. This 4% salary increase was distributed as follows over the Triennium. 1%, 1.5%, 1.5%. SLTU agreed to accept this salary increase with the following conditions:

  • Reclassification – The Ministry of the Public Service, Information and Broadcasting shall communicate to all Departments and Ministries to set up committees comprising representatives of their Department / Ministries and the respective Unions / Staff Associations. These committees shall prepare and submit job descriptions to their Ministries for onward submission to the Ministry of the Public Service.


These committees shall be set up within six months from the signing.


  • Retirement Age – The Government shall work with the Unions to establish a taskforce to review the retirement age of public officers with a view of moving towards greater congruence between the Government’s retirement age and the age at which officers become eligible for an NIC pension.


This Taskforce shall be set up within six months from the signing.


  • Affordable Housing for Public Officers –The Ministry of Housing through the National Housing Corporation (NHC) shall set up a joint committee with the Unions to explore the options of future housing developments for public officers. This committee will work under the direction of the Ministry of Housing.

The Committee shall be set up within six months.


  • Tax free retroactive payments for this triennium.


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